So Offensive

Upon browsing the internet, I came across many offensive ads. To my surprise they were all from very recently! I came across a series of ads talking about childhood obesity. The first ad I saw pictured a girl who was heavy, but did not fit my personal definition of “obese.” This rubbed me the wrong way, so I decided to investigate these ads further. I did not like what I saw, so I’ve decided to contact the publisher. What I wrote was as follows…


“Dear Strong 4 Life,

I am disgusted by the ads you are running about childhood obesity. “WARNING It’s hard to be a little girl if you’re not.” “WARNING Fat prevention begins at home. And the buffet line.” “WARNING My fat may be funny to you but it’s killing me.” EACH of these ads picture children who are NOT obese!!! WHY on Earth would you put these children on ads about obesity?!

obesityThe effects on these children must be harmful. Their friends will all see them exposed on these ads and exploited for being “fat.” They will have the stigma attached to them of being obese when in fact, they are not obese. Yes, I understand that they signed up for these ads. Obviously if you wanted to make them, someone had to be in them, but I’m sure all that convinced them to be in these ads was the incentive of money. There is no way these poor children thought through the ramifications to their own lives for being in such an ad.

What kind of message are you sending to other children this size who are actually very active? Some people are just built larger. Big boned, large muscles, tall, whatever it may be, these are genetic predispositions that children have no control over. These children who once thought they were average sized now are being told that they are obese.

Additionally, the fact that these images are printed in black and white shows that you view obesity as a black and white issue. Obesity is not a black and white issue! Obesity is based off of BMI, body mass index. There is a specific range of numbers assigned to obesity. This scale of numbers also does not take height, muscle mass, or bone structure into consideration. Some of the most fit football or basketball players may be considered “obese,” but are really in better shape than 95% of other Americans!obesity2

Lastly, the captions paired with these images are supposed to be funny, but are actually just cruel. Obesity is not a joking matter, so why are you making it out to seem like it is? “Its hard to be a little girl if you’re not.” What kind of message does that send to little girls on the heavy side. Being a “little girl” is defined by playing with dolls, painting your nails, playing dress up and having tea parties. Size does not affect this whatsoever! “Fat prevention begins at home. And in the buffet line.” People do not become obese from going to buffets! Yes, obesity usually comes from food, but not specifically from buffets. Linking overweight people to buffets is probably one of the most stereotypical things that could have been done.

These ads lack originality, they lack tfacts, and most of all they lack compassion. The complete wrong idea is given off to children from these ads. I strongly suggest that more though be put into your next round of ads. I also think that your campaign owes America a huge apology.


Katie Gunther”




Amanda Bynes- She’s Not Crazy!

Amanda Bynes. A very pretty girl, who was once a very popular child star, is amanda-bynes-before-and-after-570x400now the laughing stock of the entertainment industry. When I am asked to think of someone who has received a lot of negative publicity lately I think of both Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan. However, I am a huge Amanda Bynes fan (even despite her screw-ups) so I have decided to take it upon myself to help her reverse her recent negative publicity.images-3

According to an article from the huffington post, Amanda Bynes tweeted photos topless. Not one, but two she tweeted; both with racy captions. For a star that probably has many young followers due to the type of movies and shows she has starred in, this is anything but appropriate. According to another article from People, Amanda Bynes’ mental health was in question for her DUI trial. She received a DUI, and before she could be tried they had to test her mental competency. If this doesn’t prove the issues Amanda Bynes has been through, I’m not quite sure what will! Lastly, we’ve all heard the famous incident that Amanda Bynes started a fire in her neighbor’s driveway, and then proceeded to strip off her pants and chase a dog soaked in gasoline. According to the NY Daily News, people who witnessed this incident described Bynes as wearing a “large blond wig” and quite “discombobulated.”

Lets face it, Amanda Bynes seems like a Public Relations nightmare! However, I am up to the challenge. Many of these incidents happened over the summer or in the fall. So, yes, Amanda Bynes has been laying low recently, but in my humble opinion, she still needs help.

images-4Let me start by giving Amanda come credit. She has made some positive steps on her own. According to People Magazine, just a few days ago, on April 23rd, Amanda Bynes received her drivers license back. This is a huge step and for that she deserves praise. However, when someone brings up the name Amanda Bynes, the first thing that comes to mind is one of the crazy stories we have heard, not something positive, and I need to fix this! I just spent a good amount of time on the website for the Public Relations Society of America, and after reading the tips they shared, I feel more than qualified to take on this task.

First, I will ask Amanda to delete her twitter. This is clearly where a large amount of her embarrassment comes from, so lets just nip it in the bud and get rid of it! If she then proves herself, she can have it back. But she has to use it for positive things only. Simple as that. Also, I plan to get her involved with the ASPCA. She will be the new face of the ASPCA and she will be on images-6television trying to persuade viewers to donate money to the animals. It will be a very somber commercial, which will give Amanda a chance to show her compassionate side. I will plan for her to be in areas that will build her reputation. For example, when there are local fairs, I will send her to them because I know there will be photographers there. She will look perfectly put together, like a normal small town girl, and there will be nothing bad to say! Finally, I will arrange an interview for her with People Magazine. Here she will talk about things she did become a better individual, and talk about what she has in story for her future. Her photo shoot will involve her dressed conservatively and posing with one of her puppies from the ASPCA. Soon, she will be known as the girl in those sad puppy commercials, not the girl who sets fires in her neighbor’s driveway!

Bodies AND Advertisements Come in All Shapes, Sizes, and Types

Multimedia advertising is when a company shows its advertising campaign via a variety of different media outlets. These outlets can be television commercials, print ads, billboards, or digital endorsements on the Internet, to name a few. Dove is a perfect example of this. Almost anywhere you go you see some sort of Dove commercial, be it for deodorant, soap, shower gel, or lotion.

UntitledPeople magazine runs print ads for Dove quite frequently. A very popular print ad features women of different ethnicities with all different body types in their bra and underwear. This shows that Dove products are for women of all shapes and sizes, while also giving ladies a little confidence boost. The message that is being sent is “hey, you’re beautiful no matter what you look like, and our product will help you feel that way!” Really, this is an ingenious marketing technique. It is subtly boosting women’s confidence, naturally making them want to invest in Dove’s products.

images-1We also see Dove commercials on TV! To my knowledge, they come on at all times of the day and night, but then again I am not a night owl so what do I know! Generally they are shown on main networks such as ABC or NBC, channels that attract women. Also, networks like E! and HGTV that stereotypically are for women display Dove’s advertisements regularly. These ads typically show a woman or two talking about their skin and how Dove helps it. One that stands out to me in particular, is called “An Open Letter to the Armpit” and is an ad for Dove deodorant. It is a little bit witty, and using the simplistic approach of showcasing average women talking about their love for Dove.images

Dove is also responsible for the Real Beauty Campaign. They released a set of videos onto YouTube which quickly became viral. These videos show a woman describing herself to an artist, and the artist sketching exactly as the woman describes. Then, someone else describes the woman as they see her, and the artist sketches it. At the end, both people look at the sketches and observe the differences between the two. In every single instance, the sketch that the woman described herself is far less beautiful than the one in which someone else described.images-2

Dove has taken over magazines, television, and YouTube. Three of the major forms of media, and Dove has managed to get their name out on to all of them. Sometimes we might get sick of seeing some sort of Dove ad everywhere we turn, but clearly, they are doing something right.

The Pact

16The Pact by Jodi Picoult is, hands down, the single best book I have ever read. I read it this past summer and it was one of those books I just could not put down. I remember bringing it to the gym and putting it up in front of me on the elliptical, reading it at family events, and staying up way later than I should have to finish reading it. It was one of those books that catches your attention right from the start and holds onto it for dear life.10916

The Pact is a fictional book that I learned about from an old high school friend, Brooke. I had been looking for a good book to get into and could not seem to find one. At the time, I had a Nook and would read the descriptions on numerous different books to see if one could catch my attention. None did. Brooke told me that The Pact was one of the best she had read in a long time, and she would lend it to me if I wanted to give it a try. As I was reading the book, Brooke would ask me “have you gotten to this part yet?” and we would talk about how shocking some of the things that had happened were. She was clearly just as excited about the book as I was because she was always checking up on me to see what point in the book I was at. After I finished, we talked about how the book made both of us cry and Brooke decided she wanted to read it again! I gave the book back to her, and went out and bought my own copy so I could read it again also!

My favorite part of The Pact was the way in which it was written. It was written from multiple points of view. The main characters were a boy and a girl, Chris and Emily, who were dating. Each chapter changed perspective. One chapter belonged to Emily to share her thoughts and her side of the story; the next belonged to Chris. Occasionally, one of their mother’s or another images-3special guest would have a short chapter to explain their thoughts. It was written in a way I had never seen before, and it really did a great job of grasping my attention.

The Pact is a love story, but also a mystery. The two are madly in love and have been for a while. Their parents are best friends and they grew up together. They did everything together. One day Emily turns up in the hospital, dead, due to a gunshot wound to the head. Chris is found with the gun and one spare bullet. He claims that it was a suicide pact, but the police and their parents don’t believe him.images-2

Every aspect of this book was different from anything I’ve ever read; the love/mystery topic, and the style in which it was written. This book stood out from the rest and was obviously one that left a huge impression on me. This book impacted my life and influences what I read today. After finishing this book, I have yet to find another that I like as much. In fact, I have not been able to finish a single book after The Pact. I think this is the case because no other books are written in such a creative way! People on Jodi Picoult discussion boards seem to feel the same as me!

I’m not the type of person who particularly enjoys reading. The only time I truly can knock out books is when I’m on the beach. For me, for a book to be interesting, it has to have something unusual about it, it has to stand out from the rest. The Pact was exactly this, and I’m sure that is the exact reason why I have yet to find a book that measures up. During the school year I do not have that much time to read for leisure, but I am looking forward to reading it again this summer. I also might try out some of Jodi Picoult’s other novels and see if they are able to spark my interest in the same way The Pact was!

Killing the Confidence of Women Worldwide Softly

Wow! This video really struck me. Jean Kilbourne raises so many issues in todays advertising would that I honestly would never have realized on my own. This, however, is what makes these issues so much greater.

celebrity_photos_before_and_after_01We watch commercials on the television, or we flip through pages in magazines where women are made to seem so much more perfect than they really are. We pay no mind to it. Looking at something like this is just so commonplace to us. How scary!! Jean Kilbourne, however, points out how wrong these ads are. Multiple times a day we see some sort of ad that objectifies women in a highly negative manner. We see women wearing nothing but skimpy underwear. Women turned into actual products. Segments of women’s bodies. Phrases degrading certain features. Words making it seem as if looks are all that matters. All of these things I, myself, see and just carry on with my life.

celebrity_photos_before_and_after_03Jean Kilbourne points out how a man would never be treated like this. That is what struck me the hardest. Ads say things about size of a woman’s breasts, but would never say anything about the size of a man’s penis. They say things about women’s hair, but would never make fun of a balding man. Only women with skinny bodies and large features are pictured in fashion ads or shown on TV commercials, but we see men of all shapes and sizes.

celebrity_photos_before_and_after_04Kilbourne has made me realize how brutal and unfair todays world of media is. An entirely unrealistic image of what women should look like is portrayed in almost every single ad we see. I saw a Dove Ad showing the retouching and photoshopping they do to a, in my opinion, quite plain woman to make her gorgeous. Something that is not possible in real life. Advertisers even admit to “mashing up” four or more different women in order to make the perfect woman. If we were able to pick and choose our features off of other women, we would all be perfect. However, this too is not at all possible. If it is not possible for regular people, it shouldn’t be possible for advertisers. Plain and simple.

This also raises the question, why are they enhancing women who are already beautiful on their own? This proves how unfairly our society treats women.

Cross-Promotional Katie to the Rescue!

TLC. I watch TLC all the time! Whenever you turn on the TV in my room, TLC is what will come up, and most of the time, my roommate doesn’t dare to change the channel. TLC is a television network that is owned by Discovery Communications, Inc. This is the company that also owns The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, The Oprah Winfrey Network, and The American Heroes Channel, amongst others.Unknown1

On the grand scheme, Discovery Communications is not a huge corporation. Some companies own hundreds of television networks, news channels, radio stations, magazines, or newspapers. Discovery Communications, Inc. does not own such a wide variety of product. This means that there are less options for them to cross-promote, however they still manage to do a great job.

The simple fact that Discovery Communications, Inc. owns the OprahUnknown Winfrey Network enables the Oprah Effect, which is a great form of promotion. If Oprah were to talk about another TV show on one of Discovery Communications’ networks, this alone would make the ratings and popularity spike. Additionally, the Discovery Channel logo is linked on to a lot of science or school related products, which helps raise awareness about the company.

While what they currently have going for them are both great techniques, it is becoming evident to me that Discovery Communications, Inc. isn’t doing as well as they could in the promotion department, so I have decided to step in.

My course of action involves producing a TLC magazine. (I am choosing TLC because it is my favorite, and in my opinion the most popular of Discovery Communication’s networks, but this could work for any of them) Oprah has her own magazine, but it is quite expensive and most of the pages are used up by advertisements from other companies, so I feel as if they could do more in the magazine department. My TLC magazine would feature monthly columns from our favorite TLC show stars. Michelle Duggar can write tips for parenting; the workers from Kelinfeld’s from “Say Yes To The Dress” can give bridal tips. Bill and Jen of “The Little Couple” can update us on the ins and outs of their adoptions. This will be a magazine that will apply to almost anyone.images

In addition to these intriguing columns, there will be giveaways and the chance to purchase TLC related merchandise. Theresa from “Long Island Medium” will feature contests and give away free readings. Competitions will take place in order to pick a select few people to fly to Carlos’ Bakery from “The Cake Boss.” Books informing readers on how to “Extreme Coupon” will be sold, along with picture books with the year’s hottest wedding gowns from “Four Weddings.” Even some humorous “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” t-shirts and gag gifts will be sold! All of America’s favorite TLC shows will in some way be featured in this magazine. Having such a wide variety in this magazine will draw in all types of audiences. They will pick up the magazine because they see their favorite show on the cover, but then they will read further into it and will be urged to tune into other TLC shows!

Tweet, Tweet!

Media_Overload_by_itsyouforme-copywright1As a college student who is admittedly addicted to social networking, I would name off Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as the three main forms of social media. Almost everyone I know has all three.

Unknown“Tweet tweet!” When twitter first came about, I remember laughing at the name of it and not understanding what the point of it was, now, I talk about and use it daily. There are over 645 million active twitter pages and this number is growing by about 130,000 a day! If this statistic doesn’t make your jaw drop, I don’t know what will. Facebook is one people are much more familiar with. I have had one since 2008, when I was thirteen, and my parents have them just as long. Now, even my grandmothers are actively on Facebook. Lastly comes the baby of the group, Instagram. Instagram became popular when iPhones became popular. Initially, it was for iPhone users only, but is now available on any smart phone and also on the web. Instagram is rising in popularity, though, with almost 90 million active users.Unknown2

What do the three of these social networks have in common, you may ask? Their availability. All three offers completely free apps for iPhone, iPad, Droid, or any other smart device, as well as being available via Internet browser. Even laptops that are starting to allow application downloads offer instant links to these sites. No matter where you go, you are no more than a 30 second search or click away from your favorite social media.

The ease of these social networks have a huge impact on the way we, as the Millennials, communicate. According to an article I read social media is entirely responsible for our loss of social skills. We have lost the ability to interact with people in person, due to being so used to doing it online. When typing papers we use IM language, not formal language. We sometimes lack the ability to uphold conversations, because we are used to them ending whenever we want to with a simple “lol,” “ok,” or smiley face.

Unknown1While it seems that social networking has harmed communication, it is actually helping business and the workplace. According to another article I read from the Huffington Post (a form of ONLINE journalism… Hm! Another new trend!), we are forming valuable connections through social media. Anyone can be a leader via the Internet, and all employees are given a chance to speak. Product advertisements reach many more consumers and have the potential to go viral.

Social media is a topic in which a general consensus has yet to be reached. The older generation hates it because the younger generation is so hung up on it. It all depends on whom you ask. Statistically, however, there really is a tie between pros and cons of social media. While it is harming the way we communicate with our peers, it is actually also helping to advance society. This is a topic that only time will solve. In my opinion, people will come around to the idea of social media. I don’t personally feel as if it is destroying communication, because even though there is less face-to-face communication, the actual amount of communication has not dwindled. Social media is the future of our society, and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are at the forefront of this transition.


A Life Overtaken by Technology

A Technological Utopia:

The date is April 25, 2035. It is my 40th birthday. This morning I got a hologram message from a friend saying that her and her family wanted to have my family and I over for a birthday dinner. Our new holograph machine is a lifesaver. My husband just got it for me a few weeks back as an early birthday present. When someone wants to send me a message they record themselves speaking to me, my machine sends a vibration to the ring I wear, and I walk over and listen to the message when I can. A 3-D image pops up of the friend who is sending the message, and if I want to respond I press a little red button and record myself sending a message back. I absolutely love it! The kids and I play with it all the time. So much more personal than that whole text-messaging thing I used when I was a teen.

imagesLast night, the president made a speech and it was available for broadcast to those of us with holograph machines. The president may as well have been sitting in my living room, speaking to me one-on-one. His approval rate has gone way up because of the new personal level of his speeches and addresses. Our government is doing great. They are constantly thinking of new inventions and they fly off the shelves like hotcakes! (I saw an ad just this morning for a new hybrid hover car! It might be time to upgrade mine!) The economy is booming and my family and I have honestly never been better. I get 40 days off from work a year, but make more money than I would ever have dreamed. I am an attorney, and I get to work from my bedroom via the online courts. My husband works from home too, so we get to spend virtually every second of our lives together.

 Since it is my birthday, it is my day to relax. I am looking forward to lying down on the couch and watching a movie. These days, movie theaters don’t exist. As soon as a movie is finished being filmed, it comes right to my smarTV and I get a notification. The smarTV Company bills us a flat extra rate per month, and we get as many movies as we’d like. So simple! They haven’t eliminated those pesky ads and previews before the movie yet, but I don’t mind.  Every time I sit down to watch, I press a button with my name on it built into the couch, so the smarTV knows that it is just me watching. Notes of my interests are made, and only ads that apply to me are played.

After my relaxing movie afternoon, we will head out to dinner. We are going to my favorite restaurant called Tables. We are greeted by a small robotic device telling her which table we are to eat at, and the floor lights up with arrows for us to follow over to the table. This is such a great alternative to dealing with those fake-perky hostesses who walk over to the tables way too fast. We sit down and the speakers around the table greet us. Our menus are electronic so we order from the touch screen that doubles as a tabletop. While we wait for our food to come, a variety of game options sponsored by popular companies pop up for the kids to play on. Perfect for us to get some adult time!the-future

Realistically, not much is different from the way it was in the year 2013, when I was a teenager; I just consider our society much more advanced! We are still bombarded by advertisements and underlying messages urging us to buy products. The good change, however, is that the only ones shown to us are ones that are explicitly relative to our lives. Thinking about the technologies that were popular in 2013 almost makes me laugh. Our world is so much more of a better place than then, and I wouldn’t want to change a thing. I can only imagine how much more advanced things will be in forty more years when I am eighty!

A Technological Dystopia:

The date is April 25, 2035. It is my 40th birthday. You would think I would have woken up to something nice this morning. A breakfast of pancakes, coffee, and a shower of happy birthday hugs from my kids and husband. Nope. They don’t even realize that today is the big four-oh. I stumble downstairs and start making eggs a homemade, well-rounded breakfast for my kids. I carry the plates over to them and my oldest shrieks that she wanted to have yummy bites for breakfast. Some sugar-coated cereal that the kids are begging for because their favorite musician eats them. My youngest doesn’t even look up from his iPhone 12 long enough to thank me for breakfast; He digs right in. I hate that the kids have iPhones. They are six and eight. I didn’t get my first cell phone until my thirteenth birthday. But, when Christmas rolled around my husband insisted that we get the kids iPhones because he didn’t want them to look like the loser kids, and he claimed it was a one-stop-shop kind of present. It emptied every last penny from the family savings account, but I didn’t feel like fighting it.

techno-tuesday-halloweenEven though it is my birthday, I still have to work. I make the long haul to the office in my glitchy hover-car. Everywhere you turn there is some sort of advertisement. They’re honestly quite dangerous! I, personally, get distracted by them all the time, and have seen so many hover car accidents because people get too absorbed in the video-style billboard ads. They should probably be outlawed because they are so distracting, but the government doesn’t even care because these technologies are how they make their money.

My boss never has to come into the office. He lives on some island. However, he is always watching us. Cameras are wired over each cubicle and he has the capability to override our screen less computers screens and yell at us face to face if we do something wrong. I wish I could quit. I wish I could be a stay at home mom like my own mother was, but we just need so much money to get by these days; I have no choice but to work 60-hour weeks. I slave away at the office under the watchful eye of my boss who is most likely sitting on a beach with nothing to look forward to at the end of my day. Traffic is terrible, the kids are never excited to see me, and my husband gets home even later than I do. Our dinners are always bland. I get home so late that I don’t have time to cook meals, so I am forced to succumb to the MicroZap machine that everyone advertises for. The food comes out of a freeze-dried baggie, you add water, and put it into the MicroZap. It is done within fifteen seconds, like everything else in this world, and, to me, tastes like nothing. The kids love it because they think that it is the latest and greatest.hover-car

That is all anyone cares about: having the newest electronic devices and having money, and I am sick of it. Everywhere I turn something is being pushed on me and the kids are as ungrateful as ever. They must think money still grows on trees. You’d think they would realize that my husband and I both spend the bulk of our days working in such awful work environments in order to provide for them, but they don’t. They always “need” this and “need” that or else they will be the “loser kids in school.” I never want my children to feel like they can’t have the things that they want, but I can’t help but think about how when I was their age, I did not get everything that I wanted.

I hope they appreciate all that we do for them when they have their own kids, but I doubt it. By then, no one will appreciate anything.

The Mickey Mouse Monopoly

I was absolutely shocked by the video “Mickey Mouse Monopoly.” There are so many underlying meanings in every single Disney films! They are all messages that one would not realize when thinking about the movie, but when they are pointed out it becomes extensively clear. I was most stricken by the gender representations in these Disney films. Examples such as Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and many more were cited. I was completely shocked at what was brought to my attention.

            Ariel traded her voice so she could get a guy, and then was left with nothing but her body to attract him. Jasmine acts seductively and kisses someone who is trying to harm Aladdin in order to help him. Beauty takes verbal abuse from the Beast, hoping she can change him into a better person. Snow White stays home, cooks, cleans, and talks to animals all day. The list goes on and on!! These stereotypical ideals attached to these women’s roles are downright insulting. In my opinion, it wouldn’t be as insulting if stereotypes were attached to characters here and there, but the fact that they follow female, male, and even animal characters in practically every Disney movie, is a problem.

Thinking about this then made me realize how many more underlying stereotypes are displayed in Disney films. Gender roles aren’t the only issue that is visible. Even things like appearances are streamlined. A lot of the male figures have really nice hair and large, muscular frames. None are scrawny or bald or unattractive. The females wear pretty dresses, their hair is always done, and they always have makeup on. None are tomboys or have freckles or are heavy. In a widely diverse world, all of these “princesses” or “princes” portray one type of person, and for regular people, that “type” doesn’t come naturally.

Could even the oldest of Disney movies be affecting the self-esteem issues behind today’s little girls? Are hidden messages about body image and gender roles really in every movie? It seems like this is so, and therefore presenting a huge issue within our society. 

Me – Media = Stress

Let me start this by admitting to how hard it was for me to continually remind myself not to pick up my cell phone, click on safari on my Mac, or power on the television… but mostly the cell phone.

A few things that I will admit to slipping up on: I used my iPhone alarm in the morning, the radio came on when I started my car, and I listened to Z104.3 for about five minutes before realizing that I had to turn it off, I checked blackboard once (school reasons, so its ok!!) and I sent quite a few text messages.

My “media free” day was a regular school day. Woke up at 8:25, left my dorm at 9:10, went to three classes straight through from 9:30 until 1:45. Throughout this portion of my day I was motivated to really stay away from my electronic media, and I didn’t have much of a problem because I was in class. In fact, I kept my phone on “airplane mode” and come 2 o’clock, I still had 93% battery!! It was after class when things got tricky. I had seven different text messages waiting for me. Out of these, I only texted my mom back. My roommate and I then were planning to go to Chipotle for lunch. Although on my way back from class I could not just text her and tell her to meet me at my car, I had to walk back into my dorm building and personally get her. I probably burned about five extra calories that I was about to consume, though! I don’t think going to Chipotle counts as exposing myself to much media, but Chipotle is so hyped up by the media that maybe I actually was exposed to it by osmosis.Unknown This was when the radio came on, and I had to shut it off. My roommate questioned me, but understood when I explained. We talked about our classes and homework on the ride there. Throughout the day I was forced to ignore many text messages, but I did reply to a few. Going to bed without any TV or Netflix on was actually quite peaceful and not a struggle at all. I probably even slept a little sounder than usual!

The one thing that I realized from this project is that you actually look really rude for falling off the face of the Earth for a day. I got multiple texts from multiple saying things like “hello?!?!?” and “are you there.” At around 7 o’clock, I allowed myself to text people back and explain where I was. The exact response I received from my best friend was “lol oh thats so dumb.” Today, it is so strange to people, especially those my age, to be separated from their cell phone, their lifeline. During this time, I didn’t figure out anything profound, do anything super productive, or learn anything about myself. Personally, I was just very stressed to see my friends text me funny stories or questions, and to know I couldn’t respond. Nobody knew where I was or what I was up to at all times. What if I had gotten lost somewhere? Nobody would have known!

While media is sometimes a nuisance, it is honestly also a very useful tool. Cell phones play a huge role in not only safety, but everyday convenience. I wholeheartedly agree that people, my generation especially, are far too dependent on media, but in my opinion this is just a part of technological progression.